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Crownstone Feed and Farrier Supply is not just sales. We are knowledgeable and invite you to discuss your feed and nutrition concerns with us. WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP!


POULIN GRAIN- A phenomenal family   company from Vermont with the   science & support from   Performance Horse Nutrition

ETEC Fibre Max -
14 protein 14 fat 20 fiber

ETEC Low Carb Senior
14 protein 10 fat 20 fiber
14 protein 8 fat 18 fiber
DECADE Sweat Tradition
13 protein 6 fat 15 fiber
12 protein 12 fat 12 fiber

SPEEDI-BEET - Non-gmo, quick soaking, superior fiber beet pulp from England. 95% sugar free, zero starch.

FIBRE-BEET- Non-gmo. Alfalfa & Speedi-Beet with added minerals. Soft feed for recovering horses, and a super treat for at the shows.

COOKED LINSEED - Non-gmo, supports muscle recovery, Omega 3,6 & 9s, natural antioxidants, shiny coat!

VERMONT BLEND - ration balancer from Custom Equine Nutrition.

VERMONT BLEND PRO - ration balancer plus probiotics & Bio MOS from Custom Equine Nutrition.


  • Forage Extender from Poulin Grain - an amazing source of digestible fiber, created for special needs like tooth loss, colic issues, old age issues, but GREAT for EVERYONE. Especially usefully for the prevention of "splash-factor" ulcers from working on an empty stomach. Feed 1 qt 30 min before work. Provides a HUGE amount of digestible fiber.

  • Alfalfa PELLETS  & CUBES non-gmo

  • Timothy PELLETS non-gmo

  • Timothy Alfalfa CUBES non-gmo

  • Speedi-Beet Quick soaking beet pulp. Non-gmo. Superior fiber.

  • Beet Pulp w/o molasses. Super fiber with some extra calories. non-gmo

  • Cooked Linseed Super omega 3, 6 & 9s. Supports muscle recovery while providing natural antioxidants. non-gmo


Other Animal Feeds:

  • CHICKEN : pellets, mash, crumbles and scratch grains. Poulin Grain - yum

  • DOG : VERUS (super local company from Maryland)   Weight Mgmt., Coat and Maintenance formulas.                                 BEAVERDAM Dog Food (Superior local company from Delaware) Standard, Puppy & High Protein. With Glucosamine & Chondroiten.

  • SHEEP : pellets from Poulin Grain

  • BIRDS : Black Oil Sunflower and a general mix bag.

  • Other animal feeds and NON GMO and ORGANIC available by request.

Crownstone Feed and Farrier Supply  can carry almost anything. Just ask. Call if you haven't shopped here before so we can be sure to have what you need. We want to be your horse health store!