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Supplements can be an important part of your horse's diet. We carry supplements that are proven to work. Supplements for stress management, ulcers, topline development, hoof and coat health and more:


MARSHMALLOW ROOT helps relieve horses, dogs, and people suffering from gastritis, ulcers, heartburn, colitis, hind-gut ulcers and beyond, by coating and healing the entire digestive tract. Sold in 1.5 lb bags.

YUNNAN BAIYAO is a natural miracle to include in your equine, pet or human first aid kit. It was developed in China, yielding life-saving properties by stopping bleeding and removing blood stasis. EIPH Racehorses (“bleeders”) have successfully used this aid when in training, often eliminating the need for Lasix. Pets afflicted with hemangiosarcomas have improved. It also works when applied directly to a bleeding surface!

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    Magnesium & L-Carnatine

    Jugs & Syringes

  • MSM

  • Marshmallow Root

  • ABC's Plus

  • ABC's MOP

  • Unbound Horse

  • Unbound Dog

  • Elevate Vitamin E

  • Farrier's Formula

  • OCD Pellets

  • Dakota's Omega 3 Organic Flax Oil

  • Devil's Claw Plus (arthritis)

  • One AC

  • Iron Power 

  • Muscle Up

  • K Finish (fat supplement))

  • Diatomaceous Earth

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