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Supplements can be an important part of your horse's diet. We carry supplements that are proven to work. Supplements for stress management, ulcers, topline development, hoof and coat health and more:


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MARSHMALLOW ROOT helps relieve horses, dogs, and people suffering from gastritis, ulcers, heartburn, colitis, hind-gut ulcers and beyond, by coating and healing the entire digestive tract. Sold in 1.5 lb bags or bulk. Shipping available.

YUNNAN BAIYAO is a natural miracle to include in your equine, pet or human first aid kit. It was developed in China, yielding life-saving properties by stopping bleeding and removing blood stasis. EIPH Racehorses (“bleeders”) have successfully used this aid when in training, often eliminating the need for Lasix. Pets afflicted with hemangiosarcomas have improved. It also works when applied directly to a bleeding surface!

JIAOGULAN is used to support healthy circulation, respiration and joints in horses. It acts as a vasodilator and also exhibits antioxidant anti-inflammatory properties which may help with laminitis, cushings, metabolic and respiratory disease, as well as stiff muscles and soft tissue injuries. In Chinese Medicine, Jiaogulan is believed to act as an adaptogen, regulating normal cortisol levels in the body. It works by supporting the body’s natural repair pathways.

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    Magnesium & L-Carnatine

    Jugs & Syringes

One of the most easily utilized forms of magnesium.

  • MSM - Proven favorite.

  • Marshmallow Root  Soothing coating for the entire tract. Simply Amazing. Sold in bags or bulk to save $. Bring your own container.

  • DAC Metabolic - For IR horses and those prone to laminitis. Mg and a super form of  Chromium for glucose regulation.

  • DAC Formula Calm B in daily powder and show syringes. It really works!!

  • ABC's MOP "liver detox"

  • Unbound Horse - interesting product from the cattle industry. Ask us.

  • EMCELLE Vitamin E  Water soluble! One of the best forms available. 

  • Farrier's Formula double strength. A proven favorite.

  • DAC Herbal Respond. Fabulous pain relief. Especially chronic forms: arthritis, etc.

  • DAC Foundation Formula. Rebuild hoof wall from the inside out.

  • DAC Oil w/ organic E 1& 5 gal. A great way to get E into the diet with the benefits of oil. Sold in bulk also. Save $, bring your own container.

  • DAC Mare Relieve  Raspberry leaves, Dong Quai Root Powder, Mg. and Chasteberry extract. 

  • DAC Bloom - Topline development. Super aminos.

  • DAC Cool Gut - Intestinal support on the cellular level. 

  • Devil's Claw Plus   Excellent for arthritis in the older horse. 

  • One AC for non sweaters. Yes, it works.

  • DAC Rescue Aid - Super gut health. Got a picky eater? Not any more!!

  • Pure Vitamine C - to aid soft tissue repair!

  • JIAOGULAN powder - Laminitis help! Circulatory & respiratory health.

  • DAC Formula E & Selenium - Natural E & Selenium

  • Diatomaceous Earth - feed grade.

  • DAC Orange Superior - A ration balancer in powder form. All your horse needs in an ounce!

  • DAC Pre Buff - Liquid calcite and threonine for healthy gut pH and the synthesis of mucus in the digestive tract. 

  • Colories Plus - 100% fat, in a powder form.

  • Copper & Zinc Blend - for skin & immune support. Excellent for coat fading, slow wound healing, skin infections, etc.

  • Integral A+ - A Mycotoxin binder. For questionable feed sources like hays.

                                                                     SUPPLEMENTS BY CATTEGORY 


      Herbal Respond                                                                         ULCERS & GUT ISSUES

      Devil's Claw Plus                                                                               Marshmallow Root

VITAMINS                                                                                                   Pre Buff

      Vitamine C                                                                                         Cool Gut

      Vitamine E (water soluble)                                                           Rescue Aid

      Vitamine E + Selenium                                                            TOPLINE DEVELOPMENT & AMINO SUPPORT

      Copper & Zinc Blend                                                                       Orange Superior

Weight Gain                                                                                             Bloom

      DAC Oil + E                                                                                   FAILURE TO THRIVE

      Calories Plus                                                                                      Rescue Aid

      Speedibeet                                                                                        Integral A+

LAMINITIS & INSULIN RESISTANCE                                                  RELAXATION

      Metabolic DAC                                                                                  Nupafeed MAH

      Nupafeed MAH                                                                                  Formula Calm B



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