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We stock a few horse care and tack room products with you in mind. Its nice to have some essentials on hand that you may need while you're here! (some of the coolest and must-have stable items!) We only carry PROVEN product. I am always interested in suggestions.

• Halters
• Shanks
• Bracelets, with or w/o nameplates
• Gloves
• Run-down patches
• Nasal strips, etc.

Diatomaceous Earth (feed grade)
Perfect Powder - Itchy tails, fleas, skin problems, wounds with proud flesh.
Nupafeed's L-Carnitine - a naturally occurring amino acid which plays a vital role in the metabolism of fat. Horses that tend to tire easily or need to overcome a fitness plateau benefit greatly from  L-Carnitine Supplement. L-Carnitine has also been shown to influence lactic acid turnover and could therefore be beneficial to those horses prone to increase muscle enzyme build-up.

Horse Care Products:
Emergency products such as Animalintex, poultice, wound care procucts, cotton & vetrap, White Lightning, DMSO,  and more.
Daily care products such as fly spray, Thrushbuster, Corona, Bag Balm, MTG. grooming  and treats!
Hoof care products such as barrier products, hoof hardeners, show ring oils, medicines for white line disease, thrush, etc, Farriers Formula and more.
We can carry almost anything for you. Just ask us. Please call if you haven't shopped here before so we can be sure to have what you need.

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